I am The Queen of the Doodle...  There have been few moments in life where singing could not carry me through the rough patches.  It is in those moments when I have been called to stretch creatively to find another way to transmute whatever pain I may be navigating. Ultimately when I return to music, my first love, I am better for the discomfort that had me seeking refuge in another craft. Doodling, visual graphics, collage, and writing have been amongst the mediums that have both inspired and saved me over the years.  

Good Medicine came about in 2019. I found myself, yet again, overwhelmed by the violence against Black bodies depicted in media and the fear it provokes even when whiteness is not present.  It is usually issues of race that render me melody-less... In these moments, I am thankful for the pen in its many forms.  

I was blessed to find myself with family in St. Lucia for 3 weeks where I was able to enjoy the air without police and less consistent access to wifi... more space to hear myself and what I know about humanity and God. Perspective is everything... so I doodled seeds, mandalas, and words. mAll prayers #goodmedicine


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    Grace 5:04
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