Jennifer Johns, a beacon of multidisciplinary artistry, stands at the forefront of the global music and arts scene. Renowned as a dynamic vocalist, innovative songwriter, and inspiring producer, her impact transcends these titles, embodying a unique fusion of music, visual arts, and theater. Her work in social, environmental, and food justice cements her position not just as an artist, but as a visionary activist. Johns has captivated audiences worldwide, from Denver to Düsseldorf, Los Angeles to London, with her distinct blend of Afro-diasporic world music. She has shared stages with iconic artists like Ms. Lauryn Hill,  Damian, Stephan and Ziggy Marley, Yasiin Bey, and Meshell Ndegeocello, and graced revered venues such as The Kennedy Center and The Apollo. Her performances are more than entertainment; they are powerful calls to unity and empowerment seasoned with sensuality and sass!

Johns's artistic journey is marked by significant ventures into performance art and playwriting, notably with "Liv: A Ritual for Humanity" and her debut choreopoem, "reD:zONE", produced by Kendra Kimbrough Barnes for KKDE. Her art transcends the stage, offering deep reflections on personal healing and societal transformation. As an advocate for environmental and food justice, her influence echoes in her collaborations with thought leaders like Cornel West. Jennifer is also, and maybe most importantly, the founder of The F.U.N. Manifesto, a sustainable ecosystem powered by art and culture. 

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Her voice is staggering in its power, and her songs are fiery, bass-heavy sermons, preaching the problems of the oppressed and the merits of healing.” - Mother Jones
Those who have witnessed her shows over the years can speak to her transcendent, dynamic stage persona: a dreadlocked siren balancing graceful serenity with vibrant chaos and a high level of spiritual vibration.” - Eastbay Express